четверг, 8 марта 2012 г.

"Night naked" climbing

Tadek Piotrowski and Voytek Kurtyka in camp 3 (7300 metres) on the Lhotse Wall, waiting for the weather to improve. Polish fall/winter expedition 1974. Photo: Bogdan Jankowski

В книге "Freedom climbers" встретился синоним термина fast and light - night naked: "Erhard was a favourite climbing partner for Voytek, the best since Alex and Jurek. But in 1990 on Cho Oyu their friendship was strained to the breaking point. From the beginning, Voytek was pushing to summit Cho Oyu and Shishapangma in quick succession. Erhard and Jean agreed. Their plan was to first acclimatize and then climb each mountain in one push: no tent, no stove and almost no food. Just their clothing and a limited amount of equipment. They came to call their approach “night naked” climbing."

Voytek Kurtyka (1974). Photo: Bogdan Jankowski

Portrait of Wanda Rutkiewicz. Photo: Wanda Rutkiewicz collection

Voytek Kurtyka and Jerzy Kukuczka discussing the avalanche risk on Manaslu, 1986. Photo: Artur Hajzer 

Polish climbers making a living on the Katowice smokestacks. Photo: Krzysztof Wielicki

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